oh no, it’s monday

August 27, 2007

had a fantastical weekend (though i ended up completely abandoning my assignments until last minute, but hey, it was worth it)

fridaynight started at midvalley, took a pitstop at lagoon view, and continued in putrajaya, and ended in bistro d’sayang
1. achyt and friends, kucai uneth and kemi 2. kemi pamela vera bram nourma ifa 3.ayu ifa dhanto ganes bram kemi

(view more pics)

saturdaynight was another installment of the monthly HURAHURA @ Loft with our (beloved) kubil, blink and xu!
1. bram kemi dhanto ifa tata 2. iwid dini tyas kemi 3. bram ifa ibhe kemi dhanto farhan

(view more pics)

ze father just left for the airport an hour ago… wish him a safe flight back to jakarta.. and yeah.
i’m out to hand-in my (badly written) int2030 assignment. hahaha


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