random blahs and blohs

July 20, 2007

random thoughts and happenings of the day, in no specific order;

1. My baby-darling canon ixus izoom is fixed (and it costs Rp.1,7million and also cost me hours of painfull nagging from ze male parent)
2. The new Elke Kramer jewelry line makes me wanna rob a bank (check it out at Happypeopledon’tcomplain or elkekramer.com)
3. Talks with a friend got me to think that love is such a game, and it can cost you your reputation, your friends, and also your future
4. Ze female parent thinks i’m not mature enough. ouch. I think i need counselling.
5. Daul Kim and her blog are super cool – she’s made her way up as my favorite asian model


One Response to “random blahs and blohs”

  1. bramirez Says:

    gillo,,, mahalnya benerin kameramu,, wihihi,, eh eh yg nomor 3 maksudnya gmana tuh? eh eh lagi tadi banyak cowo2 ganteng,, hahaha,,

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