hello, hu jintao

June 14, 2007

heythere dudes and dudettes;
today i woke up and realized i wanted to go back to beijing.
and since my mother was already planning to go there this saturday, i checked my schedule and realized that i actually can go there too, since i have an 11day gap from my JRN1902 exam to my PRL2003 exam.
so i dashed to the nearest travel agent and booked a flight for saturday.
unfortunately the cheapest option was MAS and it was slightly off-budget. and i didn’t bring my passport with me.
but then my housemate said she wanted to book her flight back to jakarta as well. so we went back to the travel agent.
Tyas issued her ticket back to jakarta, while i asked them whether there was other flights to china.
and oh my god, air china had a ticket that was actually within my budget.
so there we have it.
I’m going to Beijing on Saturday!

yerps. i always end up being so last minute every time i go back to beijing. I wonder what’s up with that.


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