June 13, 2007

listening to: interpol – obstacle 2

just got a new blog
you can view it @

as for other updates;
woke up at 11, males2an seharian, went to campus at 4.30pm, tried to study, ended up gossiping *like always, went for a smoke, tried to study again, played ‘tebak gambar’ with tommy neneng vera, read the past exam, fell asleep at the foyer for 15 mins, talked with shazwan prezzna and joanna about bali, went to pink for dinner, went home, and here i am, sleepy and i think i should end this post.

toofles, eh, toodles.


2 Responses to “bolts”

  1. Astried Says:

    hi darling, aku pengen jg deh ngeblog disini, apa pindahan aja yak dr blogspot?
    absan kalo yg mo komen kan pake email…hihihihi
    jd ga bs smbarang anonymouse (tikus) yg masuk..:D
    km maen2 yaaaa ke blog akyuuu

  2. ganesh Says:

    gw ga bisa komen di blog iys lo kem knapa yah haha

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