the new romantics

June 12, 2007

here i am again, laying on my bed, in my dimly lit, painted-green room.
listening to love songs the whole afternoon.
and i don’t need the nicotine, nor the alcohol.
drugs won’t give me this certain ecstasy i’m feeling right now.
a drowning sensation, hitting rock bottom of my emotions.
being carried away by the blissful echo, as it tingles against my skin and lingers in my ear
i have given myself completely to “love”, a certain imagery of a non-existing figure.
your identity is a mystery, yet my feelings are absolute.

i thank, the new romantics.


3 Responses to “the new romantics”

  1. "si cunk" Says:

    wah,,, gila kem,,, gw bisa merasakan apa yg lu lagi rasakan,,, keren banget lu nulis,, gw aja untuk menulis dengan rapih dan berish susah,, apalagi menulis yg seperimu itu,, hmm,,,, hehehe,,

  2. scharahap Says:

    test one two three

  3. kamu ngomong apa sih hahhaha gajebo gajebo huiuhui

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