March 31, 2013

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 1. Shinjuku 2. Man Near Hatchiko Statue in Shinjuku 3. Minato-Mirai in Yokohama 4. Yokohama Creativecity Centre 5. Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama 6. Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama 7. Momofuku Ando Founder of Nissin 8. CJ’s Cafe in Yokohama 9. Walking Dogs in Yamashita Park 10. Bridge Near Red Brick Warehouse 11. Ice Skating at Red Brick Warehouse 12. Near Iidabashi 13. Koenji Area

The more I travel and try to find my home, I can’t seem to find it.
As it turns out, my home is not a physical space, as it is more to the journey and the travelling process in between.


August 22, 2012

take a three week leave, pack your bags, and go.

it seems that the TCK in me wouldn’t let myself stay in one place for far too long. it was like a pathological pattern, an urge to leave jakarta atleast once every three months. and after several intensive months of work, i knew i was in dire need of a holiday before i lost my third culture identity.

so here i am writing from my parent’s apartment atop the hill of cumbres de curumo in the capital of venezuela, overlooking of what may be my last trip to venezuela as a TCK (who knows what identity i would posses in the next trip- TC-spouse? diplo-brat turn diplomat? or maybe even a filthy backpacker with no money?). in the room behind me, my hand carry is packed with essentials for our next trip to brazil and chile.

excitement, anxiety, an aching feeling in the pit of my stomach and a burn in my heart – will i ever feel these pre-departure jitters again? my father’s words echoed in my ear, “you are blessed. you got to see the edge of the world”. I will remember to murmur praises to the Almighty, for i am truly blessed.

ver você em breve, o Rio de Janeiro,
y hasta luego, Santiago!

in july

July 7, 2012

although humans are social beings,

i feel more alive in solitude.

change theory

April 21, 2012

how things have changed in a few months. 

change is inevitable, they say. change is what defines you. there are types of change, one for the better and one for the worse. but at the initial stage of change- who are we to know which one is which? it all seems the same, and for someone who is constantly experiencing change, from a change of scene to a change of environment- i don’t embrace it. i frickin hate it. 

yet somehow it swoops me and changes me entirely. i have changed, or if some would like me to rephrase- i have “changed back” into being how i used to be: changed back for the worse. 

2011 in retrospect

January 2, 2012

the highlights:

1. Studying in Melbourne
2. Traveling to Sydney
3. My nephew Dylan
4. Graduated with High Distinctions
5. Seeing Lykke Li live in concert
6. Bali weekend with the girls
7. Working for an international NGO

all that glitters is gold

December 30, 2011


August 2, 2011

it was a normal, almost mundane day. i got up, showered, had brunch at proud mary. i got a flat white with potato hash. i walked down the streets of collingwood. i sat down on the tram en route to the city. i went to GPO and entered alphaville. i came out and walked to little lonsdale. i entered 1000£ bend and had some tea to soothe my mild flu. i chatted with some friends and laughed and made plans. i had a late dinner at menya and ordered gyutandon with extra teriyaki sauce.

the only thing that was different was the fact that it was my last day in melbourne.

sydney sights

July 22, 2011

circular quay // luna park // opera house // harbour bridge // darling harbour


July 22, 2011

and so i went back to where it all began. where i breathed into life and woke up to smell camellias. where i first saw shining light and it was the opera house. where i first felt the sensation of sand on my skin at bondi beach. where, such first visions cannot be intricately described because of the memory lapse of the earlier period of my life.

and so i thought i could go regain my childhood memory. i was suppose to become one with the city. suppose to follow the dynamic of their rapid pace and movement. suppose to see the glitter in the stillness of the harbour. suppose to feel that city sounds like bus honks and sirens and bells were as proficient to me as my own heartbeat.

but such a familiar place felt so foreign to me.


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